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How to design for emotion?

Let’s create your emotional design strategy together.

Design is everywhere and has an unconscious but significant impact on our well-being. To speak of emotional design is therefore redundant. Non-emotional design simply does not exist.

In our work for the D&E Lab, we transfer knowledge from psychology, behavioral and cognitive sciences. This platform is for anyone who wants to understand and benefit from specific emotions through design. As consultants, we share our expertise and know-how to help you develop the most effective design strategy. Our methods and knowledge support innovators in making the best decisions and predicting the impact of their output.

As collaborators, we create impactful tools and processes. In the context of design, we study, observe and evaluate human perception and behavior. By being open to interdisciplinary exchange, we push boundaries.

At the same time we believe that the cosmos of design and emotion goes beyond:
influencing your target audience
mapping customer journeys
finding the right values for brand positioning
working with focus groups
participating in design thinking workshops

Level up your design and emotion expertise.

Designing Emotion - Methods and Strategies for Designers.

  • Provides professional design instruments for influencing emotions
  • Includes a folding poster for the use of the method Emotion Grid©
  • With illustrative product analyses
  • Interviews and case studies show insights into the design practice of successful companies
Designing Emotion - Methods and Design Strategy

Design, psychology and emotions.

Learn more about our methods, tools and services.

We have never liked the word „experts“, but it is no secret that with 8,000 hours of research and 13 years of project experience, there is simply a lot of knowledge at the nexus of design and emotion. On the one hand, we share this knowledge to help you get ahead, through workshops, design strategy or individual method development.
On the other hand, we are still on fire. We feel there is much more to be revealed through the design of emotions and the creation of synergies through collaboration. With an open mind, we invite you to go further with us. This is the place for experimentation, inspiration and solutions. A Design & Emotion Lab to master emotions and start something big.

support to master emotional design
Method development and workshops to design emotions

Support with Knowledge & Methods

You’ll never walk alone. That’s why we’re here to help and support you. Exactly where and how you need it. Whether it be insights, workshops or method development. We are at your side to help you make the invisible visible and master the challenges of emotional design.




designing emotions and giving inspiration
designing emotion and strategies

Inspiration & Designing Emotions

Emotions are meant to be expressed. Whether in design, creation or art. This is where psychology, design and strategy come into play. An experimental field for design that addresses a deeper level of the subconscious.



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working at the intersection of design, psychology and emotion
collaboration at the nexus of design, psychology and emotion

Connect for Synergy Effects

Paths are made by walking. There are countless untapped opportunities ahead of us. By working together, we can combine our skills and work at the intersection of design, psychology and emotion.




design consulting by the psychology of emotions

They trust in our knowledge and methods.

Designing Emotions.

Our Story.

When we - Mareike and Oliver - set out in 2010 to explore the intersection of psychology, design and emotion, we were driven by pure curiosity. As design strategists, we wanted to understand what it is that makes people tick, how they think and how they act. We wanted to know if and how emotions can be designed with pinpoint accuracy. To this end, we conduct extensive research at the intersection of design and emotion. It’s a focus that has led to the development of methodologies, the writing of books, the founding of the award-winning design agency hochE. And most important of all, we’ve created holistic relationships between brands, products and users. Over the past decade, we have pioneered strategic product design at the intersection of design and emotion for a wide range of international companies.

But after more than ten years as an emotional design service provider, what really drove us has increasingly faded into the background. With the Design & Emotion Lab, we are breaking out of the profit corset of the industry. Because there is clearly more at stake here. It’s about an insatiable curiosity about psychological models and influencing factors. About interdisciplinary collaboration and a deep-rooted desire for real change. Mareike is in the middle of her psychology studies, and Oliver is already looking forward to his first projects beyond simple profit expectations. This is the place where enthusiasm for emotion and design can unfold. Home of our deep passion, where heart and brain meet.


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